Jay’s story

Jay’s story

When the Fagg family set off on their annual holidays to the Vendée in France, they didn’t expect to return to England with a kitten.

Clever Jay found Ian and his family and moved into their holiday home. By the time the family holiday came to an end, Jay had the hearts of the whole Fagg family firmly in his paws.

Ian rang Animalcouriers on the last day of their stay to ask for advice — how could they find out if Jay had a home locally, and what could they do otherwise? So Animalcouriers googled for vets in the area, and texted details to Ian. The whole family took Jay to one of the vets to see if Jay had a microchip. That way they would know if there was an owner somewhere nearby.

Well, not very surprisingly, there was no chip, so Ian and his family wondered what else they could do. They knew that bringing Jay home for quarantine was one option, but felt it would be better for Jay if they left him to grow up locally as a French cat.

The family was put in touch with Trevor who keeps a colony of feral cats. They took Jay to Trevor’s to see if he could settle in there. Trevor took him in, but said that Jay was very domesticated and he wasn’t sure how he would get on.

Driving off after delivering Jay to Trevor’s, there wasn’t a dry eye in the Faggs’ car. Ian said he felt awful because they just knew Jay wasn’t a feral cat and needed humans for company. So they contacted Animalcouriers again and between them agreed that Ian would go home and make arrangements for Jay to go into quarantine in Southampton, and that Animalcouriers would collect Jay from Trevor and deliver him to the quarantine cattery.

When Animalcouriers arrived in England Jay was transferred to a special quarantine van and set off on his journey to Southampton. Jay will allowed to go home to the Faggs in March 2011. In the meantime the family will be visiting him regularly, taking him treats and teaching him how to play. Animalcouriers knows that Jay is very playful — we found him to be an incredible time waster!

We hope Jay will be very happy living in England.

Transferring Jay to the quarantine van

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  1. fallenangel39 September 7, 2010 at 6:11 pm - Reply

    Good for Jay and the wonderful humans who adopted him!!I wish more peokple would open their hearts and homes to a cat in need.

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