Godparental responsibilities

Godparental responsibilities

As we explained to Jane, Canico’s owner, we take the role of godparent very seriously.

Two of our godpet charges are a pair of Cocker Spaniels, George and Milly. We visit them quite regularly but, despite our best efforts, they take no notice when we read to them from the Bible or other improving tomes, such as the ‘Well behaved dog guide”.

They are far more interested in seeing just what they can get away with doing or having when we’re with them. Here are just a few highlights from their long list:

  • Titbits from the table before the humans have finished eating
  • Toys and treats even when it isn’t Christmas or birthdays
  • Belly rubs on demand
  • Begging for walks at any time
  • Jumping and rolling on the bed

We’re just glad we’re not responsible for them all the time!



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  1. Julia September 7, 2010 at 7:11 pm - Reply

    They look so innocent dont they? Well they scheme you know, they know when Animalcouriers are just down the road. We find little petitions on our bedside tables, ‘take us home with you’, ‘we have to scrub and clean floors here’, ‘we never get walks’, and ‘you should see how THOSE cats treat us’.

    We know differently, they are just the most spoilt, loved dogs in the world.

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