Daily Archives: September 5, 2010

Jay to Southampton

Jay the cat is travelling with Animalcouriers from the Vendée to quarantine in Southampton. When we arrived to collect Jay from Trevor, who has been looking after him, we got a carry basket out of the van — only to be met by Trevor coming out with little Jay in his arms. "Where do you want him?" asked Trevor, "Er, in here please," we said, with just a slight hint of panic. "Hope he doesn't run away," we were thinking — as even the most gentle and trusting of cats could decide at any moment that they would rather be [...]

Fanny from Barcelona

Fanny is a really dark, shiny, black cat, and full of character! We are really not looking forward to that moment when we need to introduce her to Diana, our vet. Fanny is not at all sure that she wants to travel home. Just as well she is not travelling by air, as she is so sensitive.  We think we will be able to ask her about her trip once she is a little more settled tomorrow.


Habib is travelling from France to England for quarantine. He is such a friendly cat. He just purrs and purrs and wants to climb around your neck. We collected him from Mezerville, where we found Julie and Barry wading around in mud, as their mains water had sprung a leak! But we all carefully stepped around all the gushing water while Habib was collected and shown his new accommodation for the next day or so.

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