Clever GPS

Clever GPS

On the road and you know how it is, the GPS says, “Turn left,” then, “Turn right,” and finally, “You have reached your destination.”

So we looked out of the window. “This isn’t right,” we thought, “we’re miles from Toulouse.”
Then we notice it’s a Fromagerie Chevre (Ferme Lauzy). Staring at us as we jumped out of the was a herd of pretty brown goats with huge brown eyes. Then a lady appeared.

So there we were, 6 euros later with a little box of fresh soft cheese.

We had a quick chat with the goats before we headed off: “You could have a ride in our van, but we think you’re so well off here that you should stay where you are.”

A tray of fresh goat's cheese france

A tray of fresh goat's cheese

milking parlour for goats

The milking stalls

talking to goats in France

A quick natter with the nannies

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  1. Den September 6, 2010 at 11:16 am - Reply

    The goat’s cheese is absolutely de-lish, thank you J & S!

    Fromage de chèvre fermier des Causses du Lot
    46240 Montfaucon
    05 65 31 11 68

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