Jane and Ray are so looking forward to welcoming Canico home, who will soon be able to enter the UK. They have asked us to deliver some dog food to Mary at Cartama Kennels so that she can start getting him used to it.

“Ray has ordered the Chappie and the Wagg for Canico and it is being delivered to your house. Perhaps it has already been delivered and you are now knee deep in Chappie??” asks Jane. “Not long now before we get Canico home, we cannot wait.”

Animalcouriers will be in the Cartama area towards the middle of September, and can do the drop for Canico at the same time. We’ll shake his paw, ask how he is getting on, and tell him, it won’t be long now. J tells Jane: “I am sure you must be excited. We are! We feel like his godparents.”

Says Jane: “We cannot think of anyone more suitable to be Canico’s godparents than you, so consider yourselves hired! I expect my Reverend Ray can even conduct a ceremony!!!”

We are delighted to accept and tell Jane that we are already godparents to two dogs, four cats and a guinea pig. It is an awesome responsibility — not to mention Christmas and birthdays!