A guest for breakfast

A guest for breakfast

We had breakfast in Donzenac today. We failed to tell our landlady that we wanted ‘petit déjeuner’, so she hadn’t prepared us any!

Hungry and more in need of strong coffee than food, we set off up the road in search of a boulangerie and then a café where we could get coffee and eat our croissants.

A passing Boxer dog, owned, we suspect, by mine host, hopped onto J’s chair: “yum, pains au chocolat and croissants.”

How could we refuse him a bite — of croissant, of course, not S’s leg…

We are on our way now to Toulouse to meet Bruce, who we understand has his bag packed ready for his ride to Marbella. Another day, more passengers.

boxer dog joines us for breakfast in France

Courier S's breakfast guest

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