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Lucky Fang

It’s hard to believe that this garden scene is in Kenya and not a sleepy Surrey suburb but this is Fang the cat’s new home.  Like his bigger cousins living not so far away he is king of all he surveys. Sitting on the bird table does of course help you to see a little further while surveying your kingdom. Fang's owners kindly wrote to us to let us know how he is fairing. “We’re always telling Fang off for his ornithological fascination. He promised us he wouldn’t sit under the bird table. It was quite funny when we took [...]

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Jack and Russell are off Estepona

Jack and Russell are regular travellers with Animalcouriers. They are about to set off with us on a trip to Spain for their annual autumn break in Sabanillas, near Manilva, Estepona. They tell me this is a particularly good time of year for their holiday. Firstly, the children are back at school, then the weather isn't so hot for the likes of us who wear our fur coats all year round. We can go for a run on the beach and it's so peaceful when we go for walks. They are leaving later today.

Jay’s story

When the Fagg family set off on their annual holidays to the Vendée in France, they didn't expect to return to England with a kitten. Clever Jay found Ian and his family and moved into their holiday home. By the time the family holiday came to an end, Jay had the hearts of the whole Fagg family firmly in his paws. Ian rang Animalcouriers on the last day of their stay to ask for advice — how could they find out if Jay had a home locally, and what could they do otherwise? So Animalcouriers googled for vets in the [...]

Godparental responsibilities

As we explained to Jane, Canico's owner, we take the role of godparent very seriously. Two of our godpet charges are a pair of Cocker Spaniels, George and Milly. We visit them quite regularly but, despite our best efforts, they take no notice when we read to them from the Bible or other improving tomes, such as the 'Well behaved dog guide". They are far more interested in seeing just what they can get away with doing or having when we're with them. Here are just a few highlights from their long list: Titbits from the table before the humans have [...]

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Jay to Southampton

Jay the cat is travelling with Animalcouriers from the Vendée to quarantine in Southampton. When we arrived to collect Jay from Trevor, who has been looking after him, we got a carry basket out of the van — only to be met by Trevor coming out with little Jay in his arms. "Where do you want him?" asked Trevor, "Er, in here please," we said, with just a slight hint of panic. "Hope he doesn't run away," we were thinking — as even the most gentle and trusting of cats could decide at any moment that they would rather be [...]

Bruce and Nancy

Bruce the Collie is off to Marbella for his holidays to stay with Nancy's daughter Naomi. Nancy will be joining him just as soon as she can. Nancy said to us: "I want to have a picture of Bruce and me, we're growing old together and I don't have a recent one." In this lovely picture you can see how fond they are of each other! Animalcouriers will be bringing Bruce back to France in November.

Clever GPS

On the road and you know how it is, the GPS says, "Turn left," then, "Turn right," and finally, "You have reached your destination." So we looked out of the window. "This isn't right," we thought, "we're miles from Toulouse." Then we notice it's a Fromagerie Chevre (Ferme Lauzy). Staring at us as we jumped out of the was a herd of pretty brown goats with huge brown eyes. Then a lady appeared. So there we were, 6 euros later with a little box of fresh soft cheese. We had a quick chat with the goats before we headed off: [...]

Canico’s godparents

Jane and Ray are so looking forward to welcoming Canico home, who will soon be able to enter the UK. They have asked us to deliver some dog food to Mary at Cartama Kennels so that she can start getting him used to it. "Ray has ordered the Chappie and the Wagg for Canico and it is being delivered to your house. Perhaps it has already been delivered and you are now knee deep in Chappie??" asks Jane. "Not long now before we get Canico home, we cannot wait." Animalcouriers will be in the Cartama area towards the middle of [...]

A guest for breakfast

We had breakfast in Donzenac today. We failed to tell our landlady that we wanted 'petit déjeuner', so she hadn't prepared us any! Hungry and more in need of strong coffee than food, we set off up the road in search of a boulangerie and then a café where we could get coffee and eat our croissants. A passing Boxer dog, owned, we suspect, by mine host, hopped onto J's chair: "yum, pains au chocolat and croissants." How could we refuse him a bite — of croissant, of course, not S's leg... We are on our way now to Toulouse [...]