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Adolpho, Zara and Kenzo

While two of our couriers have been transporting animals between the UK, Luxembourg and Switzerland, we’ve made a separate journey to collect animals from Portugal and Spain, and are now travelling with them through France to the UK.

You may remember these three experienced travellers. Well, the flags are out in Cambridge, there are balloons on the gate post, cava is waiting on ice for the grown-ups and specially bought tins of tuna are standing on the kitchen work surface for the felines.

When Adolpho, Zara and Kenzo arrive home, they’ll put down their bags before looking for their favourite armchairs and laps to sit on. They’ll check out the house: is all as they left it before their world travels started?

We collected them last night and very quickly they were nosing around — ‘where’s our supper’, ‘oh there’s the water’, ‘that looks like a comfy bed’ — and within minutes they were making the most of the room service.

Their travels with Animalcouriers range from trips between Spain and Cambridge; Cape Town, the UK and Spain; and now from Spain to their home in the UK. When they returned from South Africa six months ago, their owners didn’t want them to go to quarantine. So Animalcouriers arranged for them to spend the six months waiting for their new passports in total luxury at Cartama Kennels, near Malaga, where Mary has attended to all their comforts. Now, with new passports they are heading for home.

Adolpho, Zara and Kenzo

nearly there!

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