Sussex B+B for Apollo

Sussex B+B for Apollo

Apollo the Great Dane has travelled from Cyprus to his new home in Amsterdam. Having had a late night flight in from Manchester, he enjoyed a quiet stopover in Sussex with S. He thought that an early-morning stroll in the Sussex countryside was just the ticket before he embarked on the last leg of his journey to the Netherlands.

Acting quite the tourist he insisted on posing for a number of photographs in England. The journey to his new home was very calm. He particularly enjoyed barking at the customs officers at the Belgian border who insisted on looking in the back of the van. They got quite a fright when Apollo said hello back to them!!! Being the perfect gentleman he only wanted to say hi, but one bark and the van was rocking as though a dinosaur was inside. Needless to say, we were sent on with our journey without further inspection.

Apollo was delighted to reach his new luxury home and immediately said hello to his new family which includes 12 Great Dane puppies.

Apollo the gentle giant was a very special creature and will not be forgotten.

apollo the great dane on the way to the netherlands via sussex

Posing for the camera

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