We were very pleased to get some photos of Canico from Jane, taken by Mary who’s looking after Canico at Cartama Kennels.

Jane says: “Here are the latest pictures of our canine cutie. He has a new friend called Ruby and a new teddy bear. Mary says his paw has healed up very nicely, but there will probably be a little scar. Canico is making just the best progress and we are all so happy to see him so settled, with canine as well as human friends.”

We wrote back to Jane saying, “He won’t want to come home!”

Jane responded: “I think he will expect to go on his holidays every year to Aunty Mary and Uncle Olof in Spain and spend every summer lounging around and being pampered, like a doggy package deal — well he will be getting frequent flyer miles soon!!”

Canico and Ruby

Canico's new teddy bear

Canico's new teddy bear

canico Not letting go of that bear!

Not letting go of that bear!