Canico is doing very well indeed with Mary at Cartama Kennels in Spain.

He had a temporary ‘Mum’ in a Labrador who took him under her wing to teach him a thing or two about being a dog. He did enjoy her company, as he does the company of the other dogs at the kennels, and he is very active.

He cut his paw playing and Mary had to take him to the vet, who bandaged him up and gave him an Elizabeth collar to wear. Canico really didn’t like the collar or the bandages, and it wasn’t long before he had managed to chew off the bandages and wreck the collar.

So Mary took the collar off and has settled for regular washing of the wound and application of antibiotic ointment. It’s a good thing Mary was a nurse in a former life — Canico’s bandage looks very professional!

Mary with Canico