Lucy and Jess, Sam and Irwine

Lucy and Jess, Sam and Irwine

Lucy and Jess are a very confident pair of girls. They were very curious when they saw the carry boxes: “These look interesting.” One objected to actually having to get inside, but her sister was very co-operative.

On seeing their sisters being loaded up, the lads smelt a rat. “Umm, that doesn’t look fun!” and they disappeared off into different parts of the house.

Sam was found and with lots of apologies and promises that he would never have to move again, he was put complaining into a carry box.

Irwine was eventually found hiding behind the loo. Poor chap had to be gently dragged out, and then he too was captured. More promises from Jenny, then he and Sam were taken to their waiting cage.

Tears as Jenny said goodbye to them all. They are off to Manchester to live, which is where they came from a few years ago.

Lucy and Jess

Sam and Irwine

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