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Goodbye Eric

Eric is such a gentle, laid-back cat. We handed him into the tender care of Ricardo and his staff at the Monte dos Vendavais Kennels and Cattery in Lisbon, Portugal.

At the same time we took a look around. The cats all have little balconies so they can sit in the sun, watch the staff come and go, and perhaps get a little tickle on the top of their heads.

For dogs, the daily routine can include a swim wearing a special doggy life vest. Such good exercise! We watched a Labrador having a great time retrieving balls and toys from the swimming pool.

The staff include a full-time vet, who does daily rounds, looks after the swimming pool programme, and generally runs the clinical side of the kennels and cattery.

Patricia the supervisor speaks perfect English. As she showed us round we felt she knew all the dogs and cats very well and she told us little stories about them all.

And of course there is Ricardo whose brainchild this lovely place is!

Monte dos Vendavais Kennels and Cattery

Monte dos Vendavais Kennels and Cattery

cat balconies

Cat balconies

doggy hydrotherapy

Doggy heaven


Doggy heaven II

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