Animalcouriers hears from people in many different countries who are at risk of being scammed by someone offering them an animal that doesn’t exist.

When scammers use our name fraudulently to lend credibility to their offer — usually by naming us as the animal’s shipper — they tend to include a link to our home page. Clicking on the ‘Be Scam Aware‘ button on our home page lets people get some guidance on how to avoid being scammed.

The most recent email we had from a potential scam victim came from Poland. Luckily, the lady in question read our guidance page and contacted us immediately. Because of her sensible action and our quick response, she didn’t part with any money and avoided all the pain and disappointment of a falling victim to a scam.

Remember, if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If someone offers you an animal and you have any doubt about the genuine nature of the offer, check our website or get in touch with us.