Welcome back, Bearstone Labradors

Welcome back, Bearstone Labradors

Animalcouriers are looking forward to the return of the Bearstone Labradors.

In 2008 we shipped what was then a family of 12 to Ontario, Canada, for Keith and Alison Edwards. Now 18 Labradors and one French Bulldog (who thinks he’s a Labrador) are returning to England, and we are pleased to be shipping them home.

Like all very important people, they are not all travelling together on one plane. Instead, they’re travelling in several groups, arriving over a period of a few days at London Gatwick:

29 April — Jake, Jess and Alfie
30 April — OJ, Merlin and Trooper
1 May — George, Wiggles (the would-be Labrador) and Ace
2 May — Ellie, Star and Thunder
4 May — Abby, Megan and Panda

Also arriving on 4 May into Manchester with Keith and Alison are Mia, Gemma, Tanya and Poppit.

Jake and Jess don’t have full passports yet, so we’re taking them straight to Calais in our quarantine van to stay with colleagues who are breeders of Chocolate Labradors. Alfie is going to kennels where he’ll await his kennel-mates as they come in three by three and four.

Here are some of the gang:









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  1. Mary-Jane Boughton December 22, 2013 at 4:37 pm - Reply


    Glad to heat that Keith and Ali are coming back. Both our dogs Barney and Charlie are from Keith and Ali. They are both such lovely dogs. Sadly Barney passed away yesterday.

    Would love to get any updates on what location they are coming back to and whether they are still breeding such wonderful digs

    • Animalcouriers December 22, 2013 at 4:44 pm - Reply

      Hi Mary-Jane, so sorry to hear about Barney. We’ll check our records and get back to you with their current location if we can find it. All the best, Animalcouriers

    • Animalcouriers December 23, 2013 at 10:08 am - Reply

      Hi Mary-Jane – sorry, we’ve checked our records and can’t find any mention of Keith and Ali setting up in the UK. A web search hasn’t turned anything up either. We’ll let you know if we do hear anything from them. All the best, Animalcouriers

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