Our last night in France

Our last night in France

Yesterday evening we arrived at our hotel in Le Wast, Pas-de-Calais, where we are regulars. As usual, Madame was very pleased to see us. She came out to see who we had on board and made us all feel very welcome. The dogs liked her and she liked them.

Madame greets Legless and Becky

Alfie at the hotel


Big, shiny, black-and-white cows looked on with interest as, two by two, the dogs went for their evening walk. Unsure what to make of the cows, the dogs stayed very definitely on one side of the fence, and the cows on the other.

Watching us watching them

Rosie: "That's a cow?"

Trixie: "Somebody say something about cows?"

Millie, Candy & Poppy: "We couldn't eat a whole one, could we?"

Freddy: "I refuse to eat anything so cute"

Pippa: "They must need big poo bags"

Bertie: "Why are they eating that disgusting green stuff?"

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