The Fowler dogs and Bingo all had a great walk today in meadow grass, with poppies, wild flowers and birdsong, while Spike and Rags had their parasite treatment.

And it’s now the penultimate day of our journey to the UK. Tonight we should overnight in Calais, and tomorrow our quarantine van will meet us at Eurotunnel to collect the Fowler family for their ride North to Chesterfield.

As you can imagine, Roger and Celia are starting to relax just a little. 
An email from Roger says: “Expect it’s a bit of a relief to see the Paris signs as it signals the last leg. Must say that the nearer you get to the Channel, the more the stress drains away from us. About half our bodies are now relaxed — think the journey has been more of an ordeal for us than for you.”

And on the all-important topic of food, he continues: “Just to let you know, our family are not into French cuisine and certainly not those French airy-fairy pastry things for breakfast. They like good, English, fill-you-up-and-keep-you-going stodge.”

So no croissants for the Fowlers — they don’t know what they’re missing