Bessie out walking

Bessie out walking

This is little blind Bessie, and it’s a big deal that we could take this picture of her out walking.

Until now we haven’t walked her much. Although she’s been happy enough to trot along next to one of us, with a friendly voice egging her on, too often a noise, a car, a person, a car door — almost anything, in fact — would spook her! Then she would dash about in circles and get so worried that we stopped expecting her to walk.

But here, the only noises we could hear were birds and insects.

We received a nice email from a soon-to-be customer, who’s been following our journey.

”Had no idea it was you on that amazing trip which I was reading earlier this morning in wonder! What wonderful people too, to have adopted so many dogs and cats.”

Something we would agree with. Roger and Celia follow the blogs and tweets and send us lots of emails. They have a big map with pins for plotting their family’s route home.

A nice, peaceful walk

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