Welcome to the EU

Welcome to the EU

We chugged into Chios harbour (Greece) where we were met by several officials, and declared our cargo.

“How many dogs?” asked the Customs official. “Six?” — drawing a number 6 in the air.

“SixTEEN,” we said, drawing a 16 in the air. “And three cats.”

“Six or sixteen?” he said again, drawing in the air once more. “Sixteen,” we said. “Ah, we must get the doctor,” was the response.

After a while, two vets arrived. It took a painstaking one and a half hours to get through every piece of paper!

We did a quick update tweet and almost by return came an email from Roger and Celia: “YIPPEeeee! Welcome to the EU, you must be relieved but not half as much as us, what a great feeling when that tweet came up. Have a great evening — we have already opened a can to toast the news.”

Chios harbour — the EU at last

Customs poster

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