Roger and Celia arrived to live in Turkish North Cyprus 14 years ago with their black dog, Lucy. It didn’t take long for the plight of the local stray dogs to affect them. During their time there they’ve owned 20 dogs and have fostered many more on their way to new homes.

We are now moving their current 15 much loved adopted dogs and three cats to quarantine in England. Each dog has a tale to tell!

The cats, Pinky, George and Gerald, have all come to Roger and Celia via KAR, Kyrenia Animal Rescue. Although rather unenthusiastic about the prospect of travelling at first, they now appear to have settled down.




So they all said their goodbyes and after six months’ quarantine in the UK they’ll all be living with Roger and Celia again in Lincolnshire.

Roger has given us notes on their care. The final paragraph reads: “When they are tucked up for the night they like a treat and a goodnight kiss each. If you can spare the time for a bedtime story they would really appreciate that. Their favourite is ‘How much is that Doggie in the Window?’ — especially if you sing it.”

Alfie – checking to see if the biscuits are packed




Bella was found by KAR, heavily pregnant. KAR asked Roger and Celia to care for her till the puppies were born. All but Legless and Becky were rehomed, so Roger and Celia decided they could join the family.

Legless is so called because when he was a puppy his legs were so short it looked as if he didn’t have any!

Trixie and Bertie

Bertie: when Roger and Celia went to visit a Turkish friend, he was taking Bertie to KAR as he both his hips were fractured and his legs were just hanging. Roger and Celia decided to offer their home for him to recover in.

Bessie (who’s blind)

Bessie was found in Kyrenia on a piece of waste ground.


Freddie – what a sweetie – he’s always smiling

Freddie was a tiny new-born puppy who had been ‘dumped’ on the road — Roger and Celia were driving along and there right in front of them was Freddie. Clever Freddie — he hasn’t looked back.

Lindy (black) with Bessie


Millie was found tethered by a one metre length of rope underneath a car and covered in ticks. Known as ‘one of the three musketeers’ as her gang of three can be found playing non stop together all day long.


Pippa was living in an old oil drum with a local shepherd who didn’t want her. Pippa is very special — she is so nervous she sometimes takes herself off to hide away from the noise of the ‘rest of the family’.


Trudie was found living in an old washing machine with her litter.


Rosie was found in the hills so far away from people that she had also clearly been dumped.