Supuu flies to Tanzania

Supuu flies to Tanzania

German Shepherd Supuu flew to Tanzania last week with Animalcouriers. When our courier R took her to the departure airport, the handlers initially felt she should not travel. This was because her ears, which are exceptional even by German Shepherd standards, nearly touched the top of the inside of her box, despite the box being exactly the right size for her.

It was a nail-biting, hand-wringing time. R asked the handlers to come and see her inside her travel box rather than measure her alongside it. So a small crowd gathered around the box, including the supervisor who had been summoned to make the final decision.

Dear Supuu, as if knowing that everything depended upon how she behaved, got into the box completely unhurried, looked up, then lay down, all curled up in a small ball, as if to say: “Look, I do fit my box.” Fortunately, the supervisor agreed she could indeed fly — and what a long journey it was to Tanzania, as Supuu’s owner Debby describes:

“Supuu and I both arrived safely in Tanzania. KLM looked after her very well, and the pilot and head purser rushed off the plane at Kilimanjaro airport, the first stop in Tanzania, to make sure she was not offloaded in the dark before we reached Dar es Salaam. We then had an exhausting next day flying on two small plane flights across Tanzania to get to Mwanza, including lots of stops in the Serengeti — so she is a very well-travelled and privileged dog who has seen the wildebeest migration. She was also delighted to see the monkeys again at our house! Many thanks again for all your help in expediting this so quickly.”

Supuu (and her ears)

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