Last month we told you about Jack the Cockatoo who has been spending 30 days in supervised quarantine with Animalcouriers before leaving for South Africa.

Jack belongs to Zita, who adopted him when his previous owner died. When Zita decided to return to South Africa to live, she realised Jack would need a CITES certificate in order to travel. This internationally recognised certificate is issued to some captive-bred birds sold as pets, to show they have not been captured from the wild.

Having fulfilled his quarantine period, and following a considerable wrestle with bureaucracy, Jack has finally got permission from DEFRA to travel.

He will be very pleased to be reunited with his owner. He’s a friendly little character whom we have got to know quite well during his stay with us. Zita has been ringing him up for a chat now and then via our phone’s loudspeaker. He really likes this and seems to take comfort from hearing her voice, happily joining in the conversation and being part of the family.

Happy Jack knows something's in the air

Ready to fly