Big Ears, Banjo, Toffee, Milly, Neo and Mocca

Big Ears, Banjo, Toffee, Milly, Neo and Mocca

The Saunders family of four dogs and two cats has set off on the first step of a marathon journey to the other side of the world.

Their journey started at Malaga airport (Spain) this morning from where they travelled to London Gatwick with Thomsonfly.

The Animalcouriers quarantine van is meeting them at Gatwick and will take them for a restful stopover at the London Heathrow Animal Reception Centre.

On Thursday they will resume their journey travelling with Air New Zealand and will finally reach New Zealand around 26 hours later. The last leg of the marathon is 30 days’ quarantine at the Shado-Lans quarantine station before they can finally go home.

Milly gets a rub down after a walk at the airport



M does paperwork

Big Ears chilling out



The group is assembled

Milly gets the vote of cutest traveller

We're on our way!

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