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From North to South

On the latest trip down through the UK: Doberman puppy travelling from Motherwell in Scotland to Suffolk Maine Coon kitten who is leaving snowy Cumbria for London stripy kitten heading from Halifax to London I have seen a lot of snow on this trip, and was even stranded in Inverness one night as snow had closed the A9 — I had to divert down the west coast via Loch Ness and Dumbarton!

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Worth it for the views

I've just delivered three lovely cats to an adventurous couple who've moved from Sussex to a remote cottage at the seaward end of Loch Torridon on the Scottish west coast. It was quite a drive but well worth it for the stunning views and beautiful scenery. A very pleasant change from motorway driving. All I have to do now is find a place to stop for the night before the snow sets in.

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Jodie and Zubin

As you can see, Jodie is a Golden Retriever, the very best of breeds. A very pretty girl, she is a joy to be with. I must confess I am possibly biased, as I happen to own the world's most gorgeous Golden Retriever. As befits such a lovely dog, she has an impressive bodyguard in Zubin. In fact, he's a total pussy cat, but we won't tell anyone. This devoted pair are travelling with us from France to Wiltshire. I only wish we had them for longer.

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Rufus, Chocy and Charly to the UK

Here are Julian and Tom showing us what control they have of their dogs! We tried hard to get simultaneous smiles from everyone — this one isn't bad. The dogs are Rufus (the grumpy one), Chocy (the chocolate one) and Charly (the poodle). They are now all aboard and heading to our vet's for the parasite treatment that's required for the UK. Must be hard to heave the beautiful town of Monesties.

From France to French Polynesia

Apache is from the Vichy area of France. He has just started the long journey to French Polynesia. We collected him from France and he travelled in our quarantine van to quarantine kennels at Airpets. At the end of the quarantine period he will travel to Papeete via Paris. Clare and her colleagues at Airpets who are taking care of Apache say he is just gorgeous — friendly and totally loveable!

Toggle, up from the country

Toggle is a young Podenko-type dog from Portugal. He is quite the "country bumpkin come up to the big city" — not surprising as he's been living in the rural idyll of the Albufeira area of Portugal. He hasn't yet worked out that when you're on a lead you walk in a straight line and go round the same side of trees and lamp posts as your handler! He is also still not sure what to make of motorbikes, cars and trucks. But he's such a lovely calm and gentle dog, it's well worth the effort involved in helping him [...]

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