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From North to South

On the latest trip down through the UK: Doberman puppy travelling from Motherwell in Scotland to Suffolk Maine Coon kitten who is leaving snowy Cumbria for London stripy kitten heading from Halifax to London I have seen a lot of snow on this trip, and was even stranded in Inverness one night as snow had closed the A9 — I had to divert down the west coast via Loch Ness and Dumbarton!

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Rufus, Chocy and Charly to the UK

Here are Julian and Tom showing us what control they have of their dogs! We tried hard to get simultaneous smiles from everyone — this one isn't bad. The dogs are Rufus (the grumpy one), Chocy (the chocolate one) and Charly (the poodle). They are now all aboard and heading to our vet's for the parasite treatment that's required for the UK. Must be hard to heave the beautiful town of Monesties.

Toggle, up from the country

Toggle is a young Podenko-type dog from Portugal. He is quite the "country bumpkin come up to the big city" — not surprising as he's been living in the rural idyll of the Albufeira area of Portugal. He hasn't yet worked out that when you're on a lead you walk in a straight line and go round the same side of trees and lamp posts as your handler! He is also still not sure what to make of motorbikes, cars and trucks. But he's such a lovely calm and gentle dog, it's well worth the effort involved in helping him [...]

Max, Muffin and Mylo

We collected these three cats in Gibraltar. Max loves a tickle, preferably around the neck, followed by a scratch on the head. He's very forward about offering us bits of himself for such purposes. Max is a package deal with Muffin and Mylo, who are sharing just to one side of him. Max isn't sharing: "I'm far too important, mine's a room for one." Grandparents in Plymouth will be on hand to look after the handsome trio until their family joins them later.

Big Ears, Banjo, Toffee, Milly, Neo and Mocca

The Saunders family of four dogs and two cats has set off on the first step of a marathon journey to the other side of the world. Their journey started at Malaga airport (Spain) this morning from where they travelled to London Gatwick with Thomsonfly. The Animalcouriers quarantine van is meeting them at Gatwick and will take them for a restful stopover at the London Heathrow Animal Reception Centre. On Thursday they will resume their journey travelling with Air New Zealand and will finally reach New Zealand around 26 hours later. The last leg of the marathon is 30 days' [...]

On the road at last!

After a day of stop, start and shall we, shan't we, two of our vans finally reached the Eurotunnel terminal where the snowy weather and the half-term rush were causing a fair amount of disruption between them. One of our vans is handling our scheduled February European trip, and the second is our special quarantine van. We're using this for the transit of Zara, Adolfo and Kenzo, feline friends who've travelled from South Africa and are returning to their home in Spain. Just a glimpse here of snow piled high, cars in queues and frustrated drivers — and it's only [...]

Supervised quarantine for a Cockatoo

Jack the Cockatoo is off to South Africa. Before he goes he has to fulfil a 30-day period of supervised quarantine, which he is spending with Animalcouriers. The vet calls regularly to check on progress. Once the quarantine is over Jack will be able to travel to join his family in Cape Town. He gets a little homesick for his owner, so she keeps in touch by ringing him from time to time for a chat. He really engages and appears to recognise her voice, and reciprocates with little noises! It's very heartening as he does appear to be comforted [...]

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