Restaurant discussions on Chios

Restaurant discussions on Chios

We arrived at Chios with our fingers crossed, as we thought this would be the place for pet paperwork problems.

However, we were dealt with by a very efficient lady who seemed to know what she was doing, although she declared she needed to consult ‘the doctor’. By which she meant the vet, of course.

Of the two vets on Chios, one was unavailable and the other was on a call in a village at the other end of the island. She had a brief conversation with him in which the word ‘echinosis’ featured prominently. Then all was well and we were allowed to leave.

In fact, we had spent more time discussing the location of a good fish restaurant than we did on the pets’ paperwork!

From posters we saw on the walls in the customs hall and the calm way they looked over our paperwork, it was clear that animals regularly travel from Turkey to Greece. Our SVS DEFRA licence impressed them too.

The ferry arriving at Chios to take us to Athens

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