In earlier blogs we’ve written about scams involving animals, and how to protect yourself against them.

The scam goes something like this.

  1. You’re offered an animal very cheaply or for free.
  2. You have to pay delivery charges upfront by money order (Western Union or MoneyGram).
  3. You’re told that Animalcouriers will be delivering your animal.
  4. The animal never arrives.

People who’ve unfortunately fallen prey to these scams then contact us to find out why their animal hasn’t been delivered. Of course, there is no animal at all, we know nothing about it, the scammers are long gone, and there’s no way for anyone to get their money back.

Until recently, most of these scams involved puppies. Then we started hearing about parrots. And just recently, we’ve heard about three scams involving monkeys.

Remember, if you’re in any doubt at all about whether an offer is genuine, don’t part with any money, and contact us immediately.

To find out more about how to spot a scam, see the page on our website.