We recently heard from yet another poor victim of an animal-related scam. This time it was a parrot — an African Grey to be precise  — that was supposedly being transported from Scotland to Southampton by Animalcouriers.

The buyer initially paid £300 for the parrot by MoneyGram. She was then asked to pay for extra insurance (originally another £300, reduced to £50). An hour before the parrot was due to arrive, she was asked to pay £100 for vaccinations and flu drops before it could travel. An hour later she received a phone call to say the parrot had died.

The buyer says: “After knowing we had been scammed I looked up to try and convince myself we hadn’t been scammed, and found your website and read all your advice  about scamming (which I wish I’d done before) — everything in this section was what we encountered.”

We’re grateful she let us know what happened, and that she’s informed the police but, as she says herself: “We can’t get our money back. I just don’t want anybody feeling the way I did. We’re all very embarrassed and angry, I just wanted an African Grey, not to be hundreds of pounds out of pocket.”

We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to check if you have any doubts at all about your dealings with an animal seller who promises delivery by courier. Being asked to pay by money transfer is a key indicator that it’s a scam. For more Animalcouriers’ tips on protecting yourself from this type of scam, see our webpage.