How’s Togo?

How’s Togo?

Togo, the dog who eventually made it from Morocco to Scotland despite a couple of false starts, is having a great time in quarantine where he is everyone’s favourite dog.

Peter and Jo report that, although quarantine “is a bit like a doggie jail, Togo thinks he’s in heaven: two solid meals a day and he doesn’t have to fight or scavenge for any of them! It’s a 130 mile round trip from Edinburgh to the quarantine centre and we go through once a week. We are counting the weeks (still 23 to go!) before we can bring Togo back to Edinburgh and introduce him to our other dog, Candy.”

Here’s a picture of Togo at the quarantine centre: Jo is giving him a brush, something he really enjoys — you can tell from his wagging tail.

Togo in bliss during a brushing session with Jo

Togo in bliss during a brushing session with Jo

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  1. Kenny-san August 9, 2009 at 7:52 pm - Reply

    Togo looks sooo cute and affectionate. I can see why you had to have him brought over. Well done Tenacious T.

    I hope Candy is as equally appreciative when her new room mate arrives for good!

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