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Update on the Hardy boys (and girl)

Alfie, Molly and Joey, were collected by our courier from Cartama Kennels, Spain, on Friday who kept them overnight at his home. They left Malaga late Saturday afternoon bound for Gatwick, where they stayed overnight in what can only be described as Doggy Five Star accommodation at the airport This morning, these completely seasoned travellers boarded their plane for Cyprus, where a very anxious Andrea will be waiting to meet them. She hasn’t seen them for over a week — the longest she's ever been parted from them!

A new member of the Animalcouriers team

Couriers R and S collected several dogs on their way north through Spain, including: Kim, a rescue German Shepherd who's been looked after by a colleague of ours for Animal Aid of Spain Snoopy, a rescue Staffie who's been in kennels for over a year and is now lucky enough to have found a new home in England They left Valencia (Spain) on Saturday morning and arrived in Narbonne (France) in the early evening. It is S’s first road trip with Animalcouriers, so we'll need to ask her at the end of it what she (honestly) thought about [...]

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Collie follows Jack Russell to New Zealand

Jess the collie flew out from the UK to New Zealand on Sunday. Jess and his owner are joining family in Nelson on the South Island. Family includes Wilbur, a Jack Russell, whose own flight to New Zealand we arranged back in 2005. Wilbur stayed with us for a couple of weeks beforehand while his owners went ahead to prepare for his arrival. He's one of those dogs you just don’t forget. Comical, very determined, but endearing with it. Wilbur's owners report that he is thriving — 14 now and ageing as gracefully as a feisty Jack Russell can. [...]

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Gucci at the Palomino Kennels

This is Gucci with Colin and Toni of Palomino Kennels in Spain. Gucci will travel with us to the UK at the end of the month. Gucci, Colin & Toni Colin and Toni run a very efficient, well organised kennels, where much of the space is taken up with rescue dogs. They currently have over 60 dogs from rescue groups in and around the Almeria area. There are never enough good homes. If Gucci is anything to go by, after six months in kennels you could not meet a friendlier dog.

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