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Belle of the ball

This is Belle. She may be little but she has a personality that more than makes up for her diminutive stature. Belle has been staying with Mary and Olof for the past few months, waiting for her pet passport. During this time she has moved from her kennel into the house and, by the time we collected her, she had her own special corner on the settee! Her favourite toy is a small plastic dragon that goes everywhere with her. Here is Belle checking her travel bag to make sure we haven't forgotten anything. Like all [...]

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Catching up

Clients often keep in touch with us and let us know how our past passengers are getting on. We're always pleased to hear how they're doing. Here are Tiddles (black), Miau (tabby) and Tig (spotted tabby), who travelled with us in 2007 from Spain to the UK. Because Tig's blood test showed she wasn't immune to rabies, she had to wait a bit longer to enter the UK, and we arranged for to stay at a very nice cattery in France. Tig died around a year later and Val wrote to let us know [...]

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Pedigree goats arrive safely in Belgium

After a journey by road and ferry of 12 hours the Toggenburg and Saanen goats arrived at their new home in Belgium, relaxed and content. This is a successful commercial herd, and you can see some of the residents forming a reception committee. Goat's milk has always been very popular on the continent as it is considered very healthy — and it produces wonderful cheese. Throughout Europe goats are an important part of the agricultural scene. Some of the milk produced by this herd is used to make cheese and ice cream on site, which are then sold through their [...]

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Transporting pedigree goats from the UK to Belgium

We transported these very special goats – three Toggenburg and a Saanen – from Chorley in Lancashire and Colchester in Essex to de Haan in Belgium. Animalcouriers is lucky enough to move high pedigree animals between specialist breeders and also to commercial herds in the UK and Europe. British goats are highly prized throughout the world for their quality and high milk yields. Animalcouriers is licensed to move goats between the UK and Europe and we are experts at protecting goats from the midges that spread Bluetongue, a nasty disease that's prevalent in the UK and Europe. Unlike large hauliers [...]

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How’s Togo?

Togo, the dog who eventually made it from Morocco to Scotland despite a couple of false starts, is having a great time in quarantine where he is everyone's favourite dog. Peter and Jo report that, although quarantine "is a bit like a doggie jail, Togo thinks he's in heaven: two solid meals a day and he doesn't have to fight or scavenge for any of them! It's a 130 mile round trip from Edinburgh to the quarantine centre and we go through once a week. We are counting the weeks (still 23 to go!) before we can bring Togo back [...]

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