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Togo in Glasgow

Togo is fine. He made it to the quarantine kennels in Glasgow in one piece and the staff there all say he's lovely. The quarantine kennels ask owners not to visit for the first week, to let new arrivals settle in. Peter and Jo can't wait to see him! Peter says: "Togo is Edinburgh's most expensive dog, but we don't regret anything: he's a lovely boy and we can't wait to get him home in January. It's such a relief to have a happy ending after all the heartache. What can I say but thanks (from all three of us), [...]

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Togo delayed

Togo has been delayed! Much teeth-grinding and grrrs at Animalcouriers! The customs form needed to release him so that he can travel north was misplaced. L spent two hours chasing and cajoling, and finally a runner was sent from one part of Heathrow Airport to another, but too late to get Togo onto the last flight of the day. So he's all set for an early morning flight tomorrow. Said L to Peter and Jo when she reported progress to them: "You will be pleased to know Togo is a 'sweetie' according to the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre staff, so [...]

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Togo to go

Togo is at last on his way to the UK. Peter and Jo were beginning to think this day would never come... They had such bad luck, with everything imaginable going wrong. They met with every possible obstacle from bureaucracy to downright uncaring rudeness. As the days went by their energy was running out, as more doors kept closing on a solution. So we decided to see if an agent at a 'transit' point in the EU could help. Tracing the Lufthansa flight schedule from Casablanca to London via Frankfurt, a last chance emerged, with a voice saying, "We can [...]

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Frequent traveller TD

This is TD, a frequent traveller. He is a delightful companion and impeccably behaved with very good manners. His only fault is being smug about cricket because we have discussed it. He thinks that the chances of England retaining the Ashes are somewhat laughable. He also gave a Scandinavian chap a very old-fashioned look — must've thought he was a Husky!

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Transporting Togo from Morocco to Edinburgh

Animalcouriers are helping Peter and Jo bring Togo the dog from Morocco to their home in Edinburgh. Togo is a one- to-two-year old cross-breed stray who was living rough with other dogs around the Atlas Film Studios in Ouarzazate, Morocco, where Jo was on assignment. During a visit from Peter, they fed Togo scraps from the catering unit, and both fell in love with him. Jo organised veterinary treatment for Togo, who then moved in with her at her hotel. Jo tried to bring Togo with her when she returned to the UK, but at Marrakech airport Togo was turned [...]

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