Animals and their owners (re)united

Animals and their owners (re)united

Lindy and Chita
Here is a lovely picture of Lindy and Chita — the pleasure in both faces says it all.

Says Lindy in an email to us: “I’d just say that she is amazing. I feel as if she’s been with me forever. Eating and sleeping well. She’s intelligent, biddable, cheeky and above all gentle. She is a fantastic animal.”

Linda and Chita

Linda and Chita

Sally and Piglet
Sally with one of her little Kune Kune piglets — a look of absolute glee. But just seconds before this picture was taken, Sally faced her new piggy for the first time, never having held a piglet before. M said, ‘just grab it!’ — which she did, and of course the piglet, who did not like having his feet off the ground, let out an ear-piercing scream.

The Kune Kunes will be keeping campers at this unusual campsite in the Tarn amused.

Pat and Piggy in the Tarn

Sally and Piggy in the Tarn

Pat and Bella
This is Bella the Pointer who had a terrible accident and spent Christmas Eve having her leg amputated. So you can imagine the pleasure it was for us to take Bella to her new owner, Pat, who was over the moon with her new dog. Here they are at Toulon before boarding a boat for Corsica.

We often take rescued dogs to their new owners — people we only meet for the first time when we arrive at our destination, and who have not yet even had the time to acquaint themselves with their new dogs. It takes a special kind of person to take on a rescue dog.

Pat and Bella

Pat and Bella

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    I usually scream when my feet leave the ground, too!

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