Sherry and storks

Sherry and storks

Spent the night in Jerez de la Frontera, but arrived too late to enjoy what is reputedly a beautiful city — and home to Spain’s sherry industry. Arrival time was deliberate, so that when we stop the heat of the day has passed and we can walk the dogs in the cool. Sightseeing is restricted to what we can see through the ‘office’ window as we can’t leave our charges unattended.

We were kept amused by a group of Norwegians who had been on a tour of the Tio Pepe Bodega and had clearly lingered over the free tastings — lots of singing and laughter but still sober enough to dispute the bill and win their argument.

This part of Spain still abounds in storks. They are usually to be seen on church towers and electricity pylons. Often you see linear colonies of 20 or more pylons some of which have three or four nests. Some of the nests have clearly been used for several years and are three- or four-foot-high piles of sticks. The nests themselves provide further accommodation for colonies of sparrow-sized birds. Presumably they pay for their accommodation by keeping down insect populations in the nest.

The storks in this picture must be outcasts or free spirits who have taken up residence at this spot.

A fine view of autopista

A fine view of the autopista

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