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Animals and their owners (re)united

Lindy and Chita Here is a lovely picture of Lindy and Chita — the pleasure in both faces says it all. Says Lindy in an email to us: "I'd just say that she is amazing. I feel as if she's been with me forever. Eating and sleeping well. She's intelligent, biddable, cheeky and above all gentle. She is a fantastic animal." Linda and Chita Sally and Piglet Sally with one of her little Kune Kune piglets — a look of absolute glee. But just seconds before this picture was taken, Sally faced her new piggy for the first [...]

Dr Diana

The best thing about going to the vet, Diana, is that we don't have to wait in a waiting room or stand on tables. Yesterday we walked and sat in her garden, on a lovely breezy, warm sunny evening, while Diana did the parasite treatments, talked to and reaasured our passengers. Little treats and lots of fuss. The Daxies having their worming tablets – Lucky was well behaved and took it like a man, but his brother... The beautiful Husky getting her tick and flea treatment Chita was so well behaved

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Sebastian the psychotic kitty cat

Back at the sharp end of Animalcouriers, R takes Sebastian the cat to the vet for his pre-flight check. Sebastian, who has decided he has had quite enough of humans messing him around, hisses, grimbles and strikes out at having his personal space interfered with. It takes three people, gloves, towels and lots of patience. Sebastian's lovely owner emailed asking how it all went (she knows things we don't). L writes back: "Thank you for your email. Yes the vet check was fine although I think everyone is slightly taken back by just how angry Sebastian is!" Owner writes back: [...]

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Egg tarts

Now in Southern Portugal where we will clean our van and prepare for our return trip. Stopping for an Egg Tart at the earliest opportunity has become something of a ritual. Portuguese Egg Tarts, and Chinese Egg Tarts that are often found in Dim Sum Restaurants, bear an uncanny similarity. Portugal of course had a presence in China, in Macau. I am not sure who copied the recipe from who, but I am glad they did.

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Gandesa nights

14 June...we delayed crossing the French/Spanish border until it was a bit cooler, for the sake of the animals. We were excited about getting to Gandesa and having a really good dinner at the Comedor. But we arrived a in the middle of a wedding reception of more than 300 guests!  Car park full of 4x4s and very pissed guests bowling around! Umpteen small people running around eating ice cream! I said to M that 20 years ago it would have been a carpark full of little red Seats that would not start, so there's prosperity for you. Then, in [...]

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