Pick-ups in Portugal: Pluto, Baco, Shuba, Jecca, Sushi, Sky and Laura

After reuniting pets with their owners in Spain, we crossed the border into Portugal to collect a fine group of passengers who're travelling to the UK with us. Pluto On the Algarve we met Cocker Spaniel Pluto at Estoi. He's been through some tough times in his short life, but now he's off to live happily ever after with Joy in Surrey. Lena and her friend, who've been looking after Pluto, were in tears as they said goodbye to him. We were pleased to reassure them that Joy is very excited that he's on his way to her. Lena [...]

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Reunions in Spain for Bebe, Pepe, Seabert, Sookie, Yowie, Aggie and Ruel

We stopped for the night at Aranda de Duero, where we stayed at Hotel Tudanca, part of northern Spain's wine-producing industry. Surrounded by fields of tempranillo grapes, we were impressed by the simplicity of this small, economical hotel. The family wine-growing business was started over 100 years ago and headed up a matriarchal lady, Vicenta de Las Heras. The best Ribera grapes are hand picked and selected before the main crop is collected mechanically. At the Hotel Tudanca As well as the wine made from the hand-picked grapes, there are two others: a young one and a [...]

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Pets travel with us from the UK to Spain, and from France to Portugal

Animalcouriers set off from the UK with dogs, cats and a rabbit on board, all heading for Spain. In France we collected another canine passenger who'd travelling all the way to Portugal with us. Sookie, Aggie, Ruel and Yowie Super furry Newfoundland Sookie lives with three glamorous cats — Burmese Aggie and Ruel, and Maine Coon Yowie. All four have been staying at a local kennels and cattery near our office in West Sussex. They belong to Chris and his family, who've gone on ahead to their new home in Arboleas, Spain. We're quite sure the red carpet will be [...]

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Snow in northern Italy; and reunions in the UK

On our way back to the UK from Greece, we stopped in northern Italy where it was snowing. The dogs absolutely loved it! They ran around in it like small children, weaving their noses through the it as though in search of elves and fairies, and leaping in delight. Given the snow that was blanketing much of the UK when we got back, it was a good opportunity for the dogs to acclimatise! Bonnie having a mad moment in the snow Here you can see her splendid bushy tail Jerry takes a careful look around [...]

Crossing from Greece to Italy, and a night in Ancona at our favourite A3Passi

Our ferry from Greece to Italy was on time, so we were able to get the new tyres fitted on our van without delay. While that was being taken care of, we gave the dogs an extra leg stretch. New tyres going on our van Jerry enjoying a walk Mirsa, very attentive A night at the A3Passi hotel We spent the night in Ancona, at one of our very favourite places, the A3Passi Agriturismo Hotel. The hotel is actually closed until the end of January, but when we asked for a room, we were welcomed like [...]

News of recent passengers, and Christmas comes early for Mal

Ian, Jackie and Mal have all been in touch recently with updates about their dogs and cats who travelled with Animalcouriers on recent road trips. But first, here's a reunion between tortoise Max, who travelled with us from Zurich, and homeboarded with us until Jim and his son James could call in and collect him. Little Max has a beautiful shell A cuddle for Max, to show how much they missed him Dexter was a holiday romance, adopted by Ian and Pat on the Greek island of Lesvos. Rebecca from Lesvos Stray Dog and Cat Adoptions took [...]

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Collecting Pedro, Flash, Chiqui, Panda, Fizzy, Tina and Romero as we head north through Spain

Animalcouriers spent the night at a delightful farmhouse B&B to the north of Valencia, then headed off to Casa Antigua kennels and cattery to meet two cats, Pedro and Flash. They travelled by ferry from Ibiza to Denia, where Mel from Casa Antigua met them, then put them up for the night. Our B&B outside Valencia — the citrus fruit season is in full swing in Spain Darling Pedro is on his way to join his owner in Berkshire Young Flash is well named — no way is he standing still for a second to have his [...]

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Heading through France with Rikki, Cloud, Misty, Kurco, Dory, Mia and Tigger

Animalcouriers has set off on a pre-Christmas trip to southern Europe. We left the UK with seven well loved pets on board: four dogs and three cats. Tabby cat Rikki is a suave fellow from Wales, who's heading to the Carcassonne area in south-west France to join Mark. Cute Westie Cloud belongs to Aurora and Jose. The whole family is returning from the UK to Santander on the north-west coast of Spain. Black Cockerpoo Misty was bred in Colchester and has an excited new owner waiting in the Spanish city of Elche. (Sorry about the [...]

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UK reunions for Honey from Italy; and Buddy and Lucy from Greece

Before we set off on our next trip to southern Europe, we thought we'd share some happy UK reunion stories. Honey travelled with Animalcouriers from Italy, where she lived with Julia, to her new home in Nottingham with Julia's friends Pauline and Steve, and their dog Rollo. Pauline wrote to tell us how it's going: "Honey has settled in well with Rollo, who has accepted her with good grace (I think Honey might just be very slightly 'top dog'). She and Rollo walk well together, and have met up with some of our other doggy friends! They haven't fallen out [...]

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Fred and Betty swap Zurich for Chiswick

While courier J flew to Athens to meet Milou and Buddy, courier M drove to Switzerland to collect Yana and Stefano's beloved (big) dogs. Fred is a Dogue de Bordeaux and Betty Boop is a Great Dane. Both are very friendly and love people, as courier M discovered when he received a rapturous greeting! The dogs originally moved with their owners from Italy to Switzerland, and now work is taking them to the UK. Betty has a fine head Fred has wonderful wrinkles Betty enjoys a walk… …as does Fred Fred [...]

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