Meeting new passengers in Portugal and Spain; and we mark Ascension by staying at a convent

Animalcouriers met up with three super cats and a cheeky Cocker Spaniel who're all travelling with us to the UK. Ginger Emma is moving to Montrose in Scotland from her home town of Chiclana de la Frontera, in south west Spain, and we're transporting her cat Ginger for her. Ginger is a very lucky cat. He was found on the streets and taken to a cat charity, where Emma met him and decided to adopt him, and now he is quite firmly her boy! Emma told us she had found our travel blog very comforting, reading about the pets. She [...]

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Ludo, Misty, Apache and Kali hop on board in France

While couriers J and M continue their journey through Spain and Portugal, courier Mike is making his way back from France to the UK. Collecting a cat and three dogs en route, he's now crossing the Channel from the French port of Caen. Heading north, his first stop was to pick up young Peke puppy Ludo from his breeder, Micheline, in the Toulouse area. Ludo is off to live with Helen. Micheline shed a little tear as she waved goodbye to lovely Ludo In the Tarn, he collected Jean's cat Misty, a wonderfully fluffy Himalayan Persian. Jean and [...]

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Happy reunions in Spain; and now we head on to Portugal

Animalcouriers had the pleasure of reuniting our Spain-bound passengers with their owners. The Spanish relay team hit on a novel training regime Wild flowers spotted in the Pamplona region: orchids… …more orchids… …another orchid… … and beautiful yellow gorse, a sure sign of spring Molly and Lacey To help speed our journey to Javea, we arranged (with owner Elise's agreement) for our colleagues at AutoMascotas to take Molly and Lacey the rest of their journey to rejoin her in Palencia. Courier M (L) about to hand little Lacey over [...]

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Meet five cats heading to France: Max, Kato, Domino, Squash and Catou

While couriers J and M make their way round Spain and Portugal, courier Mike is taking care of our passengers travelling to and from France. These five cats travelled with him from the UK. Max and Kato These two lovelies travelled down from Scotland around three weeks ago. They stayed at a cattery near our Surrey base, while their owners went on ahead to the Dordogne to get everything ready for Max and Kato's arrival. Gorgeous Max Handsome Kato Happy reunions for Kato… …and Max at their new home, which they are already [...]

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Reunion in Switzerland for Mefisto, and we discover a great hotel near Zurich

Mefisto Courier M had the pleasure of reuniting Mefisto with owner Sabina in Zurich. A very happy Sabina with Mefisto Overnighting outside Zurich He then drove to his hotel just outside Zurich, which had booked in advance by the Animalcouriers office. It was dark when he arrived and, after a very good meal, he headed off to bed. The next morning, as he wandered somewhat sleepily into the breakfast room, he was warmly greeted and asked if he'd slept well. Very well, was his reply. "Oh good, so the wolves and the bears didn't wake you up then?" [...]

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Dogs, cats and a rabbit travel from the UK to France and Switzerland

Courier M has been on the road recently, delivering Cookie, Amber, Rusty, Arwen and Bella to their owners in France and Switzerland. Other recent passengers were Boris the rabbit, who travelled with us to Geneva; and black-and-white cat Jim, one of our most 'frequent flyers', who's spending a couple of months near Perpignan. Boris to Geneva Boris the rabbit travelled with us from Surrey in England to Geneva. Boris's owner Robin wrote to say: "Thank you for everything with Boris's delivery, he has settled in really well and I am thrilled to have him back with me. I will be in [...]

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Great places to stay in Portugal and Spain; and Mickey, Ivan, Patrick, Snowy Owl, Pepper and Frankie get on board

Portugal We got a great winter deal at the Pousada de Estremoz, where we spent a quiet and peaceful night. The pousada offers a super dog-walking environment Out on our morning walks, we were joined by a friendly local hound, who split his time between couriers J and M, keeping a sharp eye out for treats all the while. Here's Laura with our anonymous canine chum behind. We decided to walk the puppies, Baco and Shuba, separately, to help them focus on the job in hand. The idea was busted by Shuba who just wanted [...]

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Pick-ups in Portugal: Pluto, Baco, Shuba, Jecca, Sushi, Sky and Laura

After reuniting pets with their owners in Spain, we crossed the border into Portugal to collect a fine group of passengers who're travelling to the UK with us. Pluto On the Algarve we met Cocker Spaniel Pluto at Estoi. He's been through some tough times in his short life, but now he's off to live happily ever after with Joy in Surrey. Lena and her friend, who've been looking after Pluto, were in tears as they said goodbye to him. We were pleased to reassure them that Joy is very excited that he's on his way to her. Lena [...]

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Reunions in Spain for Bebe, Pepe, Seabert, Sookie, Yowie, Aggie and Ruel

We stopped for the night at Aranda de Duero, where we stayed at Hotel Tudanca, part of northern Spain's wine-producing industry. Surrounded by fields of tempranillo grapes, we were impressed by the simplicity of this small, economical hotel. The family wine-growing business was started over 100 years ago and headed up a matriarchal lady, Vicenta de Las Heras. The best Ribera grapes are hand picked and selected before the main crop is collected mechanically. At the Hotel Tudanca As well as the wine made from the hand-picked grapes, there are two others: a young one and a [...]

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Pets travel with us from the UK to Spain, and from France to Portugal

Animalcouriers set off from the UK with dogs, cats and a rabbit on board, all heading for Spain. In France we collected another canine passenger who'd travelling all the way to Portugal with us. Sookie, Aggie, Ruel and Yowie Super furry Newfoundland Sookie lives with three glamorous cats — Burmese Aggie and Ruel, and Maine Coon Yowie. All four have been staying at a local kennels and cattery near our office in West Sussex. They belong to Chris and his family, who've gone on ahead to their new home in Arboleas, Spain. We're quite sure the red carpet will be [...]

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