Dogs, cats and a rabbit travel from the UK to France and Switzerland

Courier M has been on the road recently, delivering Cookie, Amber, Rusty, Arwen and Bella to their owners in France and Switzerland. Other recent passengers were Boris the rabbit, who travelled with us to Geneva; and black-and-white cat Jim, one of our most 'frequent flyers', who's spending a couple of months near Perpignan. Boris to Geneva Boris the rabbit travelled with us from Surrey in England to Geneva. Boris's owner Robin wrote to say: "Thank you for everything with Boris's delivery, he has settled in really well and I am thrilled to have him back with me. I will be in [...]

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Reunions in Spain for Bebe, Pepe, Seabert, Sookie, Yowie, Aggie and Ruel

We stopped for the night at Aranda de Duero, where we stayed at Hotel Tudanca, part of northern Spain's wine-producing industry. Surrounded by fields of tempranillo grapes, we were impressed by the simplicity of this small, economical hotel. The family wine-growing business was started over 100 years ago and headed up a matriarchal lady, Vicenta de Las Heras. The best Ribera grapes are hand picked and selected before the main crop is collected mechanically. At the Hotel Tudanca As well as the wine made from the hand-picked grapes, there are two others: a young one and a [...]

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Crossing from Greece to Italy, and a night in Ancona at our favourite A3Passi

Our ferry from Greece to Italy was on time, so we were able to get the new tyres fitted on our van without delay. While that was being taken care of, we gave the dogs an extra leg stretch. New tyres going on our van Jerry enjoying a walk Mirsa, very attentive A night at the A3Passi hotel We spent the night in Ancona, at one of our very favourite places, the A3Passi Agriturismo Hotel. The hotel is actually closed until the end of January, but when we asked for a room, we were welcomed like [...]

Buddy and Milou head to the UK from Greece

Courier J is in Greece to accompany two rescue dogs, Buddy and Milou, who're travelling to their families in the UK. They're taking the plane from Athens to Paris Charles de Gaulle, and will travel the last leg of the journey by road. Buddy hails from Lesvos, where he was adopted by Amy who'd gone to help with the refugee crisis. Amy tells us: "I flew to Lesvos from the UK to volunteer with the Syrian refugee crisis there. The Greek islands like Lesvos in particular hold many tragic stories; the families travel there by boat across the Aegean Sea, [...]

Happy reunions in the UK, and Lucy finds her forever home

As soon as Animalcouriers reached Dover, the pets who had travelled from Greece started heading off to rejoin their families in various parts of the UK. Courier Dave took Sugar, Jack and Berti in to London; while Courier Rickie set off northwards, taking Dexter to Chester, Lilly to Newcastle, Niko to Livingstone, and Souki and Diego to Edinburgh. Dexter's owner Ian wrote to say: "Dexter and Pat and I are now tired! What an eventful first 12 hours. Our two girls (Nell and Honor) have their noses slightly out of joint but they’ll get there! Dexter just came in, made [...]

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Ziggy, Honey, Raj and Islay join our trip to the UK

When couriers M and Mike turned up for their ferry crossing from Italy to Greece, strike action meant a 24-hour delay. To avoid passing that delay on to all our passengers, courier Mike turned back to start collecting UK-bound pets in Italy and France. Gorgeous Ziggy and her owners have been apart for 10 months. Now it's time for them to be reunited, as Ziggy follows her owners from Rome to South Wales. Sweet Honey is relocating from Monte San Savino to Nottinghamshire. Honey was an abandoned puppy in a car park — until Julia turned up. [...]

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Bespoke trips for Max and Luka; Molly; Barney, Rowan and Tish; and news of another Luka and Poppy

When Alison and Victor relocated to the Dutch city of The Hague from the very top of Scotland, near Thurso, they asked Animalcouriers to help move Max and Luka, their two German Short-haired Pointers. We took the dogs to kennels initially, where they stayed for a few days until the family arrived in The Hague, at which point we delivered Max and Luka to a huge welcome. In the midst of all the packing and general hubbub of the move, the two dogs simply spooned and slept Max and Luka at their new home in the Netherlands [...]

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Collecting a family of dogs, cats and rabbits in Normandy; and heading to Jersey in convoy

While couriers J and M set off with Mal's big family of cats and birds, courier Mike was in the Normandy area collecting a slightly smaller family of pets. Gill and her family have lived on a farm near Calvados for many years, and are now heading back to the UK. They're moving to Dorchester, so not a million miles from their old French haunts! The family's three dogs, four cats and two rabbits are travelling with us. Rosie Pomme is a lovely big German Shepherd Dog, and Dolly is a Burmese Mountain Dog. Completing the canine contingent is little [...]

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A family of 22 cats and two birds relocate from France to the UK

Animalcouriers travelled to the Lauzun area in the Lot-et-Garonne to make a very special collection: Mal and Mike's 22 cats, one Rosy Lovebird and one Cockatiel. Mal and Mike are relocating to Lincolnshire after living and in France for many years, where they ran a gîte business. They've loved every minute of it, but now it's time to go back to the UK, where family draws them. They'll miss their lovely local friends, though, several of whom stepped in to help today. The cats have joined the household over the years, and now that it's time to leave, not a [...]

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Hearty, Lola and Russo join us in Spain; Kaly, Moggy and TomTom get on board in France; and UK reunions start with Pixtura and Nina

Lovely young tortoiseshell cats Hearty and Lola hail from the Balearic Islands. They were brought by ferry to Denia and collected by our friends from Casa Antigua kennels and cattery in Jesus Pobre. Now they're on board with Animalcouriers, on their way to the UK. They're a playful pair, amusing themselves by leaping around their compartment and being general hooligans! Our final stop in Spain was to collect gorgeous Maine Coon cat Russo from Cynthia. Russo regularly commutes between Hertfordshire and the beautiful seaside town of Tamariu, near Girona. He usually travels with Cynthia and Larry by car but, as [...]

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