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Animalcouriers — pet road travel, pet relocation, pet export and animal air freight services throughout the UK, mainland Europe and the rest of the world. Find out about our pricing policy or contact us for a pet travel quote using the details opposite.
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Animalcouriers provides a safe, reliable pet road travel service throughout the UK and continental Europe (including France and Spain). Animal transportation with experienced pet couriers.
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Pet airfreight services for pet travel to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Riyadh, Canada, USA, South Africa and exporting pets to many other destinations. Airport collection and delivery, quarantine services and pre- and post-flight boarding for your animal also available.
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cat paw accredited IATA cargo agent
cat paw Defra's pet travel scheme web pages
cat paw IATA tips for shipping your animal
cat paw defra requirements and travel healthchecks
cat paw home boarding service
cat paw quarantine services
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cat paw our travel blog
Find out who's on board and how the trip is going. See photos of your pets on the journey. Read about some of the places we stay.
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Our proposed schedule of trips for pet road travel in the UK and Europe, including France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
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cat paw follow the latest road trip on the travel blog
cat paw home boarding service for bridging gaps in scheduled dates
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Who are Animalcouriers? UK Government-authorised animal transporter, accredited IATA cargo agent, trained animal handlers, extensive practical experience of working with and transporting animals, passionate about animal welfare and safety.
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For pet exports and pets moving to the UK without a pet passport. Animalcouriers is a Defra-authorised quarantine carrying agent.
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cat paw PETS (the pet passport scheme)
cat paw our quarantine van certificate
cat paw Defra quarantine website
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Dog home boarding service for while you're on holiday or to bridge your pets' UK departure or arrival dates. Registered under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act, full liability insurance.
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cat paw passports & health
Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), pet passports, links to the Defra website for more details; and links to other animal health related information.
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cat paw Pet Travel Scheme (PETS)
cat paw travelling with pets – Defra website
cat paw a guide to the pet passport procedure by Dr Diana James
cat paw we offer a full quarantine service
cat paw Defra home page
cat paw PETS top tips
cat paw Defra factsheets
cat paw update your pet's microchip
cat paw diseases encountered abroad leaflet
cat paw tick fever in dogs by Dr Diana James
cat paw guidance note on French dog law by Dr Diana James
cat paw testimonials
See what our clients say about our pet road travel and animal airfreight services.
With links out to comments from owners on our travel blog.
cat paw our qualifications & memberships
Animalcouriers is licensed to transport animals. See our qualifications and certificates.
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cat paw Animalcouriers is a member of the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA)
cat paw we follow International Air Travel Association (IATA) guidelines
cat paw we are an accredited IATA cargo agent
cat paw our quarantine van certificate
cat paw our UK State Veterinary Service Type 2 authorisation
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Get a pet travel quote by filling in our enquiry form or emailing us:
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Payment accepted by credit card, debit card, bank transfer, cheque...We never ask you to pay by money order (Western Union or Moneygram).
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cat paw terms & conditions
Animalcouriers terms and conditions of business: what we promise you and what we expect from you.
cat paw beware of scams
Beware of animal and pet transport scams such as cheap or free puppies, parrots and monkeys. Sellers who ask you to pay by money order (Western Union or Moneygram) are usually scammers or fraudsters. Summary information in French and German too.
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cat paw Protégez-vous contre les escroqueries et les arnaques
cat paw Sich gegen Schwindel und Maschen schützen
cat paw BBC's 'Watchdog' programme on Pet courier scams
cat paw UK government-funded Consumer Direct website
cat paw Guardian article on Scam Watch: OFT launches 'scamnesty' campaign
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