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Meeting Pastis, Daisy, Roxy and Benzema — our passengers from Lyon

You may remember that as we headed towards the UK on our last trip, our van developed a problem with the clutch. So we stopped in the southern French town of Narbonne and left the van for repair at the local Mercedes garage. Meanwhile, Courier Joe drove down from the UK to meet us in another of our vans, so that we could continue our journey. Mercedes sorted the problem out within a few days, and courier Richard flew out to pick up the van and collect UK-bound pets in France. Pastis Courier Richard headed from Narbonne to Lyon, to [...]

Heading back to the UK with pets from Gibraltar, Spain and France

After delivering our outbound passengers Matisse and Georgiana in France; Lake, Molly and Bobby in Spain, we headed to La Linea de la Concepcion, close to the Spanish border with Gibraltar, to meet our first UK-bound passengers. As we drove towards Gibraltar, it was such a clear day we could see mountain ranges in northern Africa Steve Gemma's cat Steve was all ready for his journey, bathed, nails clipped, and a quick health check at the vet. Gemma works for William Hill and, over the years, we have had the pleasure of transporting quite a few pets for [...]

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Travelling to France and Spain with dogs on board, and catching up on other news

Animalcouriers set off on a scheduled road trip to France and Spain with a delightful crew of dogs on board. Matisse and Georgiana We collected these happy hounds from their home in Chelsea, and drove them to Monaco to join owner Colleen for a short spell in the winter sunshine. Georgiana (L) and Matisse in their mobile bedroom Georgiana is a pretty Cavalier King Charles… …with a cheeky side! Her companion Matisse is a fluffy Coton de Tuléar… …with a splendid grin! Lake and Molly Young black Lab Lake is [...]

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Pets travelling to France, Spain and Portugal for Christmas reunions

Animalcouriers left the UK with a crew of delightful dogs and cats on board. Everyone will reach their French, Spanish and Portuguese destinations in time for Christmas. We were unlucky enough to get a puncture on our way to the coast, but Mercedes 24 quickly came to our rescue Coconut Shelby from America has been living in the UK, but her visa recently expired. So she headed to Paris, leaving her little dog Coconut, a terrier cross, with friends in London. Now that Shelby has found somewhere to live in Paris, Coconut was able to travel with us [...]

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Meet our UK-bound passengers from Greece and Italy

In addition to Wilson and Derek from the island of Lesvos, a marvellous cast of characters from mainland Greece and Italy are travelling with us to the UK. Buck Handsome hound Buck is on his way from Athens to Twickenham, where he'll rejoin his owners Chris and Nancy. Lively Buck challenging his uncle George's dog-wrangling skills Vasilis and Charlaos Cute Vasilis and his feline friend Charlaos belong to Nefeli and Christos, who've moved to Edinburgh for work. Nefeli's cousin brought Vasilis and Charlaos to join the trip Fine tabby Charlaos quickly settled in for the [...]

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A round-trip from the UK to Italy via France and Switzerland

While couriers J and M made their way to Greece via southern France and Italy, courier Richard made a shorter, more northerly trip from the UK to Italy, taking in France, Switzerland. Fiona English Bulldog Fiona, who travelled down from Aberdeen, stayed overnight with Animalcouriers. The perfect houseguest, she's a very placid character who enjoyed strolling in the woods, and seemed to take the move in her stride. Happy reunions for fabulous Fiona Toby Little Toby travelled with us from London, on his way to live with his owner's daughter in Vernier, in Switzerland. Big hello hugs [...]

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To France, Italy and Greece with a new cast of characters

Animalcouriers left the UK on Sunday night with dogs and cats who are relocating with their owners to France, Italy and Greece. Sam and Evie These splendid cats are on their way from Aberdeen to the Dordogne. This is the second relocation attempt for owner Maureen and family, as first time around they lost the house they had wanted. Now, a year later, they've found another house and are finally making the move. Gorgeous jet-black Evie Super tabby Sam — is that a slight stink-eye we're getting?! Frenchie Labrador puppy Frenchie is travelling from Aberdeen in [...]

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Dogs and cats relocating from Portugal, Spain and France to the UK

As couriers Marc and Joe wended their south, reuniting pets with their owners in Spain and Portugal, new passengers hopped on board for the return journey northwards. Frank At La Linea de la Concepcion, outside Gibraltar, we met Frank, a very well mannered Boxer/Labrador cross. He's relocating to Southampton with owners Maurice and Nancy. Frank delivered to Jaden, a friend of his owners in the UK Lily After a night in Mojacar, staying at a delightful Parador on the seafront, our next stop was Huelva, to collect Labrador Lily. She's is a rescue dog, for whom Christine has [...]

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Meet pets on the move to France, Spain and Portugal

Couriers J and Marc left the UK with delightful cats, dogs and rabbits on board, heading for sunnier climes. Courier Joe flew in to Carcassone to join the trip, so that courier J could spend some time with our database designer updating some of our back-office systems. Rupis  Rupis, a handsome Bernese Mountain Dog, travelled with us from Wembley. Sadly, his owner isn't quite well enough to look after him any more; fortunately, he has a new home with her granddaughter, Sabrina, and family, near Toulouse.  Rupis clearly knows Sabrina well, and there was lots affection between them [...]

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Meet our road trip passengers from Greece

After courier J left for Lesvos to accompany dogs travelling to the UK by air, courier Mike joined courier M to collect the pets travelling by road. Hera Simon found Hera when she was very young, suffering from a damaged leg. He arranged for her to have an operation and took care of her. Simon runs a holiday resort on one of the Greek islands and is becoming increasingly involved in animal rescue, so we may well meet him again. Meanwhile, little Hera stole the hearts of another Simon and Sonia, who are giving her a new home in Hampshire. [...]

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