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Meet five cats heading to France: Max, Kato, Domino, Squash and Catou

While couriers J and M make their way round Spain and Portugal, courier Mike is taking care of our passengers travelling to and from France. These five cats travelled with him from the UK. Max and Kato These two lovelies travelled down from Scotland around three weeks ago. They stayed at a cattery near our Surrey base, while their owners went on ahead to the Dordogne to get everything ready for Max and Kato's arrival. Gorgeous Max Handsome Kato Happy reunions for Kato… …and Max at their new home, which they are already [...]

By | Monday, May 2, 2016|pet transport, pet travel by road|2 Comments

Ten cats and seven dogs swap the UK for Spain and Portugal

Couriers J and M have set off from the UK with dog and cat passengers heading for the sunnier climes of Spain and Portugal. We're so busy on this outbound trip that we've enlisted the help of courier Mike to take five more cats to France. More on that trip in a separate post. Both Animalcouriers vans reached St Malo in time to see a stunning sunrise. We found a good spot to walk the dogs, give everyone breakfast and carry out room service. Then couriers J and M set off towards Pamplona, while courier Mike headed for the Dordogne. [...]

By | Sunday, May 1, 2016|pet transport, pet travel by road|7 Comments

Link, Birba, Nina, Kim and Dali join us in Italy

Apologies for the radio silence but we've been having technical difficulties beyond our control ;-)  Very relieved to be posting again. Here's the very delayed end to our last trip back from Greece. We'll be posting on our next huge trip round southern Europe in the coming days. On arriving at the Italian port of Brindisi, we gave the dogs a good leg stretch. A friendly chap came to see what we were doing and asked if we had a 'piccolo cane' for him. Although we didn't have a little dog to give him, he still presented us with a bag [...]

By | Friday, April 29, 2016|pet transport, pet travel by road|9 Comments

Leaving Greece with a fine collection of dogs and cats

Courier J flew out to join courier M for the return trip to the UK. As well as all the pets from Greece who're already on board, we'll be collecting a few more in Italy.MaisyMaisy from Lesvos is on her way to Mark and Ciara in London. Her trip is being supported by the Wild at Heart Foundation. Cool, calm and cute Maisy KeviAlso from Lesvos, Kevi was due to join our previous trip, but when Rebecca from Lesvos Stray Dog and Cat Adoptions went to collect her for her TRACES certificate, it turned out Kevi was pregnant! Four puppies later, [...]

Reunion in Switzerland for Mefisto, and we discover a great hotel near Zurich

Mefisto Courier M had the pleasure of reuniting Mefisto with owner Sabina in Zurich. A very happy Sabina with Mefisto Overnighting outside Zurich He then drove to his hotel just outside Zurich, which had booked in advance by the Animalcouriers office. It was dark when he arrived and, after a very good meal, he headed off to bed. The next morning, as he wandered somewhat sleepily into the breakfast room, he was warmly greeted and asked if he'd slept well. Very well, was his reply. "Oh good, so the wolves and the bears didn't wake you up then?" [...]

By | Monday, April 11, 2016|pet transport, pet travel by road, pet travel by sea|20 Comments

Destination Greece, via France, Switzerland and Italy

Animalcouriers left the UK with seven cats on board, heading to new lives with their owners in Switzerland, Italy and Greece. Mefisto Black cat Mefisto is a returning client. We brought him to the UK from Zurich in 2013, and now he and owner Sabina are heading back to Switzerland. Gorgeous black Mefisto Mefisto celebrated his 17th birthday with us, and received a special card to open on the day Paco and Rocky These two handsome cats belong to Charles. They're travelling with us from London to their new home in Milan. Tuxedo cat Paco, reclining [...]

By | Friday, April 8, 2016|pet transport, pet travel by road|24 Comments

Dogs, cats and a rabbit travel from the UK to France and Switzerland

Courier M has been on the road recently, delivering Cookie, Amber, Rusty, Arwen and Bella to their owners in France and Switzerland. Other recent passengers were Boris the rabbit, who travelled with us to Geneva; and black-and-white cat Jim, one of our most 'frequent flyers', who's spending a couple of months near Perpignan. Boris to Geneva Boris the rabbit travelled with us from Surrey in England to Geneva. Boris's owner Robin wrote to say: "Thank you for everything with Boris's delivery, he has settled in really well and I am thrilled to have him back with me. I will be in [...]

By | Tuesday, March 29, 2016|frequent travellers, pet transport, pets on holiday|28 Comments

Lesvos dogs in need of new homes

Rebecca from Lesvos Stray Dog and Cat Adoptions has asked us to publicise a tiny handful of the dogs who've been rescued from the streets of Lesvos, and are in urgent search of forever homes. Even if you're not in a position to adopt a dog yourself, your help to publicise their stories more widely or to drum up donations to the charity would be very welcome! If you can offer a home to one of these dogs in need or would like to make a donation towards their care, please contact Rebecca at or through us at Tango An affectionate, energetic [...]

By | Thursday, March 17, 2016|animal rescue, looking for a forever home, sponsor an animal|25 Comments

UK reunions for recent European passengers; and a bespoke trip to Sweden

Some of the pets from our latest trip from Greece via Italy and Switzerland have already been reunited with their owners. We also have news of reunions for passengers who journeyed with us from Spain and Portugal in February; and of Oskar who travelled to Sweden. Smudge and Mia We delivered these two cute kittens from sunny Lesvos to owner John in Dewsbury. This agile and entertaining pair of felines look set to keep John and partner Kerry very busy and amused. John delighted with Smudge and Mia The two kittens look like they can't wait to [...]

By | Tuesday, March 15, 2016|bespoke trips, pet transport, pet travel by road, reunited|15 Comments

We leave Greece with dogs and kittens; collect a dog and two cats in Italy; and meet a 51-year-old parrot in Switzerland

After collecting dogs and cats in Greece, Animalcouriers took the ferry to Italy where another dog, two cats, and a 51-year-old parrot joined our trip to the UK. Sylvie Young Sylvie is an Athenian girl rescued from the streets by the Nine Lives Greece charity. She's been lovingly fostered by Sophie, who is a serial kitten-cuddler for Nine Lives. Sophie's sadness at passing on a kitten can only be lessened by a new kitten to care for. Sylvie's new owners in Farnham are in for a treat with this lovely girl. Sophie saying goodbye to Sylvie A [...]

By | Saturday, March 12, 2016|pet transport, pet travel by road|23 Comments