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On the road from the UK to Greece and back

Couriers J and M recently worked with couriers Mike and Matthew to help 10 young rescue dogs and puppies travel from Greece to the UK. Their route was a flight to Paris Charles de Gaulle, accompanied by couriers Mike and Matthew, who then took them the rest of the way by road. Since those dogs took to the air, couriers J and M haven't been idle. They've been travelling back to the UK with a van full of passengers relocating or moving back from Greece to the UK. But first things first. On their way out to Greece, couriers J [...]

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Canine airlift from Greece to Paris, then on to the UK by road

Animalcouriers worked with local Greek welfare organisations to help arrange flights to Paris for 10 young dogs and puppies. Couriers J & M drove to Greece; while couriers Mike and Matthew left two other Animalcouriers vans at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, before boarding a flight to Athens. Couriers Mike & Matthew then accompanied the dogs on their flight to Athens to Paris, and took them into the UK by road. Meatball and Michu This gorgeous pair of pups were discovered abandoned near a refugee camp in the Ioannina area of northern Greece. They were looked after by Matilda and Veronica, who [...]

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To Switzerland via the Channel Islands and France, and home via Belgium

Courier Richard recently set off for Switzerland, taking the scenic route via Devon, Guernsey and Jersey. We also received news of a couple of recent passengers — a cat from Portugal and a dog from China. Bond The first stop was in Devon to deliver Bond, a Jack Russell Terrier, to his owner Angela. Since travelling with us in February from Switzerland, Bond has been staying at Burntwood Kennels near our Surrey base, waiting for Angela to complete her relocation to Bideford. Spring was definitely in the air, judging from the fine display of daffodils spotted along the way [...]

By | 2017-03-22T09:55:42+00:00 Wednesday, March 22, 2017|pet transport, pet travel by road|12 Comments

UK-bound cats join us in Portugal, Spain and France

By the time we made our final delivery of pets from the UK, Animalcouriers was in cat-only mode. The last drop-off was Phatcat and Pikachu, a soft and gentle pair of cats who homeboarded with courier J before the trip, and proved to be laid-back passengers on their journey to Lisbon. Pikachu in bed, with Phatcat lurking at the back Owners Natale and Ryan receiving their cats, courier M looking on Ryan over the moon to be reunited Natale equally delighted at their happy reunion. The whole family will shortly move to their [...]

By | 2017-03-10T08:45:36+00:00 Thursday, March 9, 2017|pet transport, pet travel by road|22 Comments

France, Spain and Portugal, here we come!

Animalcouriers left the UK on the overnight ferry to Caen. It docks at a fairly unseemly hour of the morning, but gives us a whole day to travel down to southern France. On board with us were dogs and cats travelling to destinations in France, Spain and Portugal. Honey Gorgeous Labrador cross Honey, a French native, had a fairly short ride with us, travelling from Sara in Portsmouth to John near Montauban. Honey looking up as John called to her Honey hadn't seen John for a while, so it took a moment for her to recognise him. [...]

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The name’s Bond — and Pussycat, Angus, Mollie, Pax and Todd

Courier Richard is just on his way back from a quick tour round Switzerland and France, collecting dogs and cats heading to destinations from Cornwall to Scotland. Bond Our first stop was in Morges in Switzerland to collect Bond, an adored and adorable Jack Russell Terrier. Bond and owner Angela are heading back to the UK after a period living in Switzerland. Bond was Angela's top priority when it came to making the move to the West Country. He'll arrive a few days ahead of her, and have a short stay at Burntwood Kennels until Angela catches up. Bond is a [...]

By | 2017-02-28T09:01:13+00:00 Tuesday, February 28, 2017|pet transport|17 Comments

Helping Ziggy and George from Spain reach their family in Cornwall

Animalcouriers were recently asked to help out when Rottweiler Ziggy and his chum George arrived in the UK. They had travelled from Spain with a removal company but, on arrival at Dover, were taken out of the remover's vehicle for two reasons: The removal company wasn't licensed to transport pets Transporting pets alongside household goods contravenes welfare regulations for the transport of live animals The removal company was devastated by the mistake they had made, and more than compensated the dogs' owners for what had happened. However, there was still the issue of getting Ziggy and George from Dover to [...]

By | 2017-02-25T16:02:48+00:00 Saturday, February 25, 2017|pet transport|6 Comments

Pets take off for the Middle East; and we catch up with recent passengers from Greece

While our couriers have been on the road with pets travelling in Europe, several intrepid dogs and a kitten have boarded planes to travel further afield. Lola Lovely Lola was one of our first passengers to the United Arab Emirates this year, when she flew to Dubai in January. Her owner had moved there just before Christmas and was keen for Lola to join him as soon as possible. Lola flew with Emirates, and Dubai Kennels and Cattery took care of her clearance and transfer to her home. Lola homeboarded with Animalcouriers before her flight. She certainly knows how to [...]

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Collecting pets in Italy and Switzerland, and happy reunions in the UK

When we got off the ferry from Greece, it fell to Oberon to charm the Italian customs officers who came to inspect the Animalcouriers van. As the four officers peered into our van, clever Oberon popped his head out of his hammock. "Bello gato!" chorused the officials. Then they saw Sunny and all of the dogs. "Belli belli!" came the unanimous verdict. Proof, if ever it was needed, of the power of cute! This is Figaro, who's waiting in the UK for his new playmate, Oberon. A right pair of looky likeys they'll make! Oberon [...]

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Meet cats and dogs from Greece, and the welfare groups supporting them

We arrived in Greece and had a couple of days to spare to clean our van, do a spot of sightseeing, and take in the Nine Lives Greece fundraising bazaar, before meeting our UK-bound passengers. All are rescues, on their way to new homes in the UK. Sightseeing We headed for Greece's most famous historical site, the Acropolis of Athens. Entry was free on the day, so even better! Crowds of Athenians also took advantage of the offer, so it felt like peak tourist season It's a long climb to the top but well worth it to [...]

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