This eclectic family of pets are travelling with Animalcouriers from the UK to La Coruna in Spain.

Pudding has to be the cutest little tortoise we’ve ever met. He’s about three inches long and just seven months old. He is quite speedy and loves to come out for a little jog about. His diet on the journey is lettuce and lots of TLC.

The pair of two-year-old Peacock Frogs live in a beautiful environment with ferns, rocks and damp soil. Fascinating to watch, they stick to the glass with their lovely suckered feet. Their diet is a little bit different from the usual: couriers S and L have to feed them live crickets, which we have to catch in the insect container and sprinkle with vitamin powder — a bit like adding salt and pepper! We also have to spray a light mist of water over the frogs to keep them moist. Very interesting animals to be transporting!

West Highland Terriers Pinocchio and Flori make up the rest of the group and are a very comical duo. We spent ages trying to get a photograph of them together on their walk this morning, but they simply couldn’t sit still and were much too busy playing. In the end we had to scoop them up for their photo op!


Clinging to the glass

The special tree frog house

Wayward Westies!

Another, slightly larger, frog we liked the look of…