Green parakeet Teddy is incredibly sociable. He talks, sings, rings his bell and generally keeps us all entertained. He’s even learnt to mimic the satnav speed camera sound and repeatedly gives us warnings. For such a confident bird Teddy is surprisingly camera shy, but we hope to get some pictures of his antics during the course of the journey.

Bonnie is not quite as sociable as Teddy and will in fact give you a sharp bite if you get too close. She doesn’t make her own chatter or songs but follows Teddy’s lead and copies all of his sounds. It’s like a little echo!

On their journey with Animalcouriers from Spalding to Pego in Spain, these two birds are having a lovely diet of grapes, cherries, peanuts and seeds. Couriers S and L are quite tempted to join them for lunch!