Oscar is a seasoned traveller

Friendly Lakeland Terrier Oscar is making his regular journey to his summer holiday home in Cahors, France.

He adores being in the van with the other dogs but, like a jack-in-the-box, as soon as he’s back in his travelling compartment, he asks to come out again!

Oscar, who has a real smile on his face

Handsome Harry is off to Spanish Catalonia

Harry is a gorgeous bundle of joy. He’s travelling with us to Sant Quirze Besora in Spain.

It was an emotional parting from his owner, but they will be reunited in just a few days. In the meantime, couriers S and L are spending a lot of time with him Harry, playing, cuddling and running around with him.


Biby and Mika

Biby and Mika are travelling with Animalcouriers to Barcelona, where they’ll stay for a week until their owners arrive to take them on to their new home.

Biby is a quiet, slightly shy Pointer, who is nevertheless taking this new adventure in a very relaxed manner.

In contrast Mika is a very cheeky, rather special little dog. He loves nothing more than licking your face, rolling round and round, and having his tummy tickled. He is very loving and so much fun to have on board.