Last night we stayed at Sisikon, near Luzerne (or Lucerne) — still a favourite place of ours, even though it’s where we broke down last month.

Sisikon is encompassed by a railway line and an arterial road that go to Luzerne and Zurich, a very pretty lake, and a backdrop of mountains. The road traffic and trains means it’s not a particularly quiet place, but none of that matters as it’s such a pretty spot.

The bracing Swiss mountain air has perked up our passengers. Even senior citizen Paddy had a distinct spring in his step this morning. We walked down to and along the lake, looked at the little marina full of boats, and watched people using the water taxi to travel to work in Luzerne on the other side of the lake.

Lush green pastures had the dogs thinking that maybe they were really cows as they grazed on the green grass and leaves. There were lots of new sounds and smells to enjoy as well — including a passing train nearly had Lucy jumping out of her fur!

For a moment we thought we had lost Chloe as she vanished from sight in the tall grass.

There was a swan having a leisurely morning bath, preening and cleaning himself. As each dog appeared for his or her walk, the swan gave them a quick ‘hissss’ to make sure they knew they were on his watch. With the exception of Bud, who thought he just might take the swan on, all the dogs were suitably respectful.

From here it usually takes us about eight hours to get to Calais.

The road and the railway

Green and lush landscape

Our hotel — the bottom right-hand balcony was ours

Water taxi

Sophie really enjoyed her morning walk

Handsome Joe shows his best side

Snow on the mountains behind Joe

Archie does his impression of a Swiss cow — head down and grazing

Benji takes a break from sniffing and eating grass

Lucy spots some ducks…

Who spot her right back!

Preening swan

Hmm, a swan? Think I’ll keep my distance, says Lucy

Bud considers chancing his arm