Handsome black-and-white cats Syko and Nero are known fondly as the ‘Omani bin boys‘. Their owner Carol adopted them in Oman and they’ve now arrived in Australia, via the UK.

They’re spending a month in quarantine at Byford Kennels before they can go home with Carol and her husband. That month fulfils part of the Australian import requirements  — they also had to spend six months in quarantine in the UK, during which they stayed at Burntwood Kennels and Cattery.

Both are very lively characters, Syko in particular, who usually lives up to his name, including at the vet. Fortunately, L the vet  managed to give Syko the full exam and treatments with only a little bit of hassle from the cat in question.

Carol has been to visit them at Byford and is over the moon to see them again. She’s counting down the days until she can finally have them at home with her. She tells us:

“They looked remarkably well despite their long flight. Syko was on form, being syko as no other cat does, and Nero was just like a teddy bear and wanted to cuddle and sit on my knee. They were very skittish and having squables and hissing, at times I wanted to get out of the small space! But they looked so incredibly healthy and alert, both are the same weight as when they left  us 6 months ago!

Syko scratched me, but that was just his excitement as he tried to climb up my legs, I pushed him away with my hand and his claws got caught on my hand, but no malice was intended.

I am so happy with both Animalcouriers and the Burntwood Kennels & Cattery for their fabulous work with them and getting them here in most remarkable health!”

Carol made a short video of her visit to them at Byford Kennels: