As usual Margaret gave us a large packet of her special biscuits for travelling treats. No dog turns them down! They hear the packet rustling and sit up, tails thumping on the sides of their compartments.

We’ve discovered that the biscuits exactly fit the mesh of the compartment doors. They stay in place if you put them corner to corner, half in and half out.

So we ‘parked’ a biscuit for each dog and watched to see who would be the most skilled at retrieving and eating the biscuit.

In third place: Lucky. He can retrieve the biscuit, but it catches and breaks before it reaches his mouth. But the whole thing does end up his side of the door.

In second place: Archie, who can remove the biscuit without breaking it, but puts it down before eating it.

And in first place, our champion Joe — who removes the biscuit without breaking it, and eats it without having to put it down.

Well done Joe!

Lucky (with Bud)


Joe – the champion biscuit wrangler!