Tuna Dave

Tuna Dave

The paperwork’s all done, we’ve had all our meetings and vet visits, and we’ve been to Lefkosa to get permits stamped. At last Animalcouriers get a moment to themselves, and use it to visit the ancient and picturesque old harbour at Girne.

The boat in the photo is partly owned by Margaret’s husband Dave, whose passion is fishing. In fact, he has a bit of a reputation among the local fishing community and is known as ‘Mr Tuna.’

Before Margaret and Dave arrived in North Cyprus, no-one had really fished for tuna. Even now if you enjoy a dish of freshly caught tuna (or swordfish) on the island, chances are you have Tuna Dave to thank for it.

Tuna Dave’s vessel

Tuna Dave’s kit 

Relaxing at the port — waiting for the next catch, presumably

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