Couriers R and S and their passengers are heading north. R and S spent yesterday digging a path out of the hotel car park. Their efforts weren’t helped by a snow plough that wandered in off the main road and dumped a pile of snow in their path!

In between, the dogs were all properly cared for: fed, watered, fussed over and walked.

Courier S tells us: “We dug out in heavy, heavy snowfall. It took an hour to unfreeze, and then the wipers weren’t working. But it’s all fixed now and we’re past Verona and Venice and heading to Turin. I think we would have got out even if I’d had to push the van over the Alps!

“There’s much less snow here than there was in Bologna and none is actually falling. Poor R forgot to bring warm clothes but is feeling much better now he has a beeny hat.”

on an Italian motorway, heading north