Gnasher and Midget are a very active pair and were keen to get out and about this morning.

Gnasher is quite a macho little chap who guards our van and gets very annoyed if anyone other than courier M or J gets close. Once he trusts you, he’s very friendly. He also does party tricks, including getting up on his hind legs and hopping about. We think it’s so he can see further as he watches out for us.

Midget buzzes about constantly. It’s been quite a challenge to get a photo that wasn’t just a blur! Midget is very affectionate, loves a fuss and doesn’t like being away from Gnasher. But when it comes to walks, Midget would rather be picked up and carried — walks are for walking Gnasher you know!

Gnasher and Midget

Gnasher stands up tall

Midget on the ground for once