A fine dinner at Rossini’s

A fine dinner at Rossini’s

This has been a trip of new experiences for Animalcouriers. Some we will be pleased to repeat, others we’ll try to avoid in future.

One that we’ll be very happy to repeat is dining at Rossini’s, a friendly Italian restaurant in Seevetal, a suburb of Hamburg.

Next door to our B&B, and opposite a pretty church, it’s where we enjoyed our first evening meal in several days that wasn’t fast food. It felt like luxury to sit down at a pretty table and choose scrumptious food and wine from a proper menu.

All the staff are real characters, playing their part in getting the food to the diners. The owner and maitre d’, a  man with a great sense of humour, is originally from Ancona in Italy, and we were able to share stories with him of his home town, as it often features in our route to Greece.


Courier J's delicious dorade (as the owner placed it in front of me, he explained that he'd found Nemo for me)

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  1. Katharine January 16, 2012 at 1:07 pm - Reply

    LoL Nemo on your plate!

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