Psycho and Nero are two very handsome Omani street cats who’ve been given a loving home by Carol. They’re in the process of swapping the heat of Oman for the heat of Australia. Unfortunately they have to do a boring six months in the UK getting vaccinated and drowned in paperwork.

Today they visited the vet in Sussex to start the process. Courier M, who was tasked with chauffeuring the picturesque pair from their cattery to the vet, reports:

“Nero was as good as gold and accepted being vaccinated, examined and donating blood. Psycho was tolerant until he heard the electric hair clippers the vet was going to use to clip a little hair so she could see the vein properly. He quickly went into stubborn mode. The vet and vet nurse tried to wrap him in a towel in order to proceed but he was having none of that either.

“The veterinary professionals recognised they had met their match in courage and cunning and retreated to reconsider their position. In order not to stress him further (and because he was cleverer than them), they decided to give him a mild sedative. You can just imagine Psycho’s indignant cries of ‘foul play’.

“So blood was duly taken but still Psycho managed to return the compliment and take a blood sample from the vet! Don’t worry, it was only a scratch and the vet still thinks he is very handsome and quite a character — and possibly the loudest cat she has ever heard.”

Owner Carol wasn’t unduly surprised by these events and has passed on some useful tips to keep the artful dodgers busy during their stay at the cattery:

“They do fight, but it’s play fight. No blood is ever drawn. Nero usually starts it. It does not last too long and there’s lots of play fighting. They need lots of little toy mice to play with. They like Champagne corks. They love fishing rod toys and will love it if someone goes in regularly to play them.

“Psycho does spit and hiss at strangers. He hates the vet and the vet here had to sedate him and Nero as Nero got stressed. If they are separated, make sure that they can see each other, to avoid stressing them out even more.

“I am hoping they will settle down. They need daily regular human contact. The best time for a cuddle with them is when you wear them out. They have loads of energy and the fishing rod, or a laser beam on the wall may help.”

Champagne corks! What sort of lifestyle do cats in Oman have? Anyway we will be passing on this advice to the lovely carers at the cattery. Meanwhile, Carol is hitting the internet to select suitable toys to keep them amused.


(Psycho has the dark marks on his nose)