It has become a Biddissville doggy Christmas tradition that Jane’s friend Sarah sends the 3 Amigos items for dressing up and Ray takes rather fab pictures and sets them to amusing music, hence the Elvis hound dog video of last year. However this year things did not go to plan. Sarah had a bit of a stressful time running up to Christmas and when it came to choosing the outfits for  2 middle sized dogs and 1 chunky big boy collie, she malfunctioned splendidly and sent tiny Chihuahua outfits instead.

Jane and Ray spent quite some time on Christmas morning searching the Christmas wrapping paper for the miniature Chihuahua that Sarah must have included to go with the teeny weeny dog outfits but alas it wasn’t there – shame!!

Officer Oswald was chosen to model one of the outfits as a hat to help his Aunty Sarah get the sizing malfunction into perspective – well the rest of her family certainly enjoyed a laugh on her.

Nice one Sarah – your presents caused much Yuletide merriment in the Biddiss household, but not quite as you intended.

Does my nose look big in this?